A web design, web development, web hosting, and graphic design company founded in 2003 based in Saida, Lebanon. A combination of experienced designers and developers specialized in web services. With more than eight years of experience Xenotic formed solid reliability for its customers, supplying them with the suitable solutions for their businesses in the best quality standards.

Our Mission

 For several years now we have been providing companies and organizations with solutions to create and expand their online business. We satisfy clients’ needs by reflecting the goods and services offered by the company, no matter how small or large the business is.


Our philosophy is to give an exceptional product, in the shortest time possible, while minimizing costs, maintaining quality and reaching total client satisfaction.


How we find Xenotic Web Development different?

 We have noticed that many web design companies have a good development team, but weak or inexperienced designers, or vice-versa. Xenotic Web Development combines the best of two worlds, experience with an artistic touch. Our sites are designed with simplicity in mind but of a professional standard.

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