Graphic Design

Web design is not the only creative design department at Xenotic. Our creative team also specializes in designing graphics for company branding and identity. We design logos, brochures, flyers, posters and all the stationery that completes the identity of an organization, using the latest in design software and applications. Our branding portfolio includes companies and organizations from various sectors, including non-governmental organizations, real estate, fuel services and many more.
Companies wanting to promote and market their products or services can rely on the design expertise of Xenotic. With our clear vision and vast marketing experience, we will professionally translate ideas and concepts of companies into design material that will resonate perfectly with the targeted audience.
We strive to give life to a design concept and make it real, after all a design remains a concept until it is applied.


“Photography is the art of making what is real look even better”.

Our studio offers companies the opportunity to build up a gallery of well taken professional photos to be displayed on their websites, flyers, brochures or any media they think is suitable.Our photographers are highly trained professionals who choose the best angles and lighting to bring about the beauty and best appearance of what is being photographed.
We have invested heavily in photography equipment and acquired professional DSLRs cameras that take only high quality photos. Our clients are delighted with our onsite photography service. We are glad to visit real estates, construction sites, restaurants, retail shops and many other businesses and take the best possible shots.

Corporate Promotional Videos

“Video is the strongest format of media and is the most effective”.

Let us help you create a corporate video that will change how people perceive your company. Whether you want us to create a promotional video to market your products or services, a testimonial video or a viral campaign video, Xenotic will make sure it will strike the ears and eyes of the audience and have the biggest impact.
Corporate videos are created for specific audiences and contribute immensely towards converting potential customer to loyal ones. Corporate promotional video are used to showcase important business aspects:


  • Provide a better understanding of the products and services being offered visually.
  • Add trust and reliability to your company by showing customer testimonials.
  • Demonstrate how staff and employees are being trained internally to provide you with highest quality service.



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