Domain registration is the process of purchasing a domain or website name and registering it on the internet. When registered, the domain name won’t be available to other me, which is usually a year. If the contract of the domain registration is not renewed before the end of the year, the domain is available again for purchase. Domain names include .com, .net, .org. and many more domain levels.

In order for your website to be visible for the world, a webhosting service is needed. It is simply an agreed on disk space capacity, which is part of a server connected to the internet. That space is either leased by the client for a typical period of one year or totally owned. Your website data (pictures, animations, text, graphics, etc...) and coding files will be present on that disk space.

Xenotic offers the Web Hosting and Domain Registration services as a single priced package. Depending on the requirements of the client’s website, we choose to implement one of our bronze, silver, gold or diamond package. We guarantee a 99.9% uptime and 24X7 support for all web hosted sites.

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