Web Design

Web design is the process of integrating various design elements to develop a complete, presentable, and functional website. Elements involved in the web design process include the interface design, coding, integrated systems, and search engine optimization. Web design makes use also of an artistic style that gives a website a pleasant feel, allowing for smooth navigation and easy website interpretation by users.

Web Development

Content Managment System
Integrated in all websites we develop, the CMS is basically a management system that simplifies the updating of the content of a website and is easily manageable by users with no knowledge of web programming or HTML. The Xenotic Panel serves as a repository for all website photos, text, graphics, video and various file formats. Our CMS is highly customizable, allowing modules such as newsletters, web statistics, slideshows, news items and more to be added, modified or deleted on the fly. Our CMS is full-service system that was created by our team and dedicated to serve the detailed needs of our customers.

CMS Modules and Services:

  • Sections SystemA system that control the internal sections of the ofthesite, which allows you to create and control unlimitednumberofsub sections as well as      addtopics,   linksections toNews, Photosandmore
  • Blocks SystemA system that allows you to control the side, and home page blocksof the site,throughready and customizable modules in a variety of adjustable    options and configuration that will reshape the data in the layout you desire
  • News System Submit and edit news in different news categories
  • Items System Custom system to add and modify materials such as audio, video, andfilesto be downloadedwithinthesections andsub​-sections
  • Photo GalleryUploadphotosintoalbums
  • Survey SystemCreateandcontrol surveys
  • Slide VieweraSlide system to controlslidesonHome Page
  • Calendar SystemAddandcontrolOccasions, eventsandactivities
  • File ManagerUpload, download, andcontrolfiles ontheserver
  • Web StatisticsDetailed statistics about sitevisitors daily, monthly, and yearly.In additionto the referrer’s andthedetailsofthesite 


Custom Programming & Database
Our websites are built using the latest advancements in the PHP and MySQL programming languages. PHP is a server-side open source scripting language used for developing dynamic website pages. Websites based on PHP benefit from the ease of maintenance, updating and improving at all times. On the other hand, MySQL is the world’s most used free relational database management system, providing access to databases by multiple users. Websites are developed on the requirements and concepts provided by our clients.  After these requirements are analyzed, we come up with a unique design which is not based on any pre-programmed templates. We have developed websites for businesses operating in various industries: NGOs, Real Estate, News, Online Retail, etc…


E-Commerce/Online Retail
An e-commerce or online retail website is a portal with the aim of selling company products or services online. To allow for a smooth online purchasing experience and user satisfaction, an easily manageable and user friendly shopping cart should be integrated to the website’s CMS. Our E-commerce module (shopping cart) is integrated efficiently within the CMS to directly show products on the website. Creating online accounts, confirming purchases, checking your cart and checking out have never been easier.

Payment gateway providers such as: PayPal, VeriSign permit online transactions to be transferred securely on their platforms. Xenotic has the expertise and experience to implement such gateways to make sure that no user is a victim of online fraud.
The last major building block of an online retail is system is the setting up of merchant account and linking it to the online purchasing process. Merchant accounts allow for the online purchasing using payments cards such debit and credit cards. We can save our clients the hassle and complexity by creating the merchant account on their behalf.   


Web Content Services

Market Research
As part of our copywriting and content creation planning, we embark on a mission to research the market and the industry where our clients business operates. This valuable information will be gathered and used as building blocks for our proposed sitemap and construction of website sections and blocks. Also, from this data we can draw up the most important information which should be present on the homepage of the website.
Being able to understand the industry specifics where each of our client operates, will give us a better understanding of the environment and surroundings and threats faced. Understanding the difficulties faced by businesses, we can draw conclusions on what strengths clients should stress and what type of text should be used to draw more traffic and make a website stand out from the competition.

Copywriting is the creative process of creating unique text and copy for websites. Each website requires a different set of copy depending on the type and objectives of the website. For example, school or university websites which are of the informative type require a more structured type of copywriting. On the other hand, an online retail shop would have to make use of a sales type of copywriting.
Our expertise in copywriting websites covers various businesses and industries. When we copy writer for websites, we do not just write colorful text we also cater for keywords which are important when it comes to increasing pang ranks among various search engines. This is crucial as increased page ranks will guarantee better exposure and attract more users to your website.

Data Entry
Data entry is the process of uploading all website information, pictures, text, graphics, videos and other data online. All blocks and sections of the website are listed and positioned logically inside the content management system for easier modification and interpretation by the users.
Xenotic’s data entry services guarantee that all client website content is frequently uploaded and up to date with recent company activities, news or product releases, and are professionally added and organized under the supervision of the website designers. Clients could opt to hand us the responsibility of all data entry aspects of their website.

Web mastering
A functional website is a website which is continuously updated and reflects the growth of the business itself. Continuously updated websites attract the attention of search engine spiders and attract more traffic. Building a website is just the first major step at being active online. Maintaining the website and continuously supporting, is what determines the website’s growth.

Content updates, adding new services and functionalities, elaborating on the website’s structure, and in turn editing many aspects such as the layout or navigation to house these changes are all part of web mastering.

Our web mastering service includes:


  • Addition, deletion or modification of webpages
  • Creation and maintaining of sitemaps
  • Modification and creation of functions
  • Blocks and data management
  • Slides and banners designing


Online Promotion

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search engine optimization is the method by which a website’s rank and visibility by a search engine is improved by means of paid and unpaid search results. The more a website appears in search results, the more traffic will be directed towards it by search engine users. Search engine results are not only restricted to text but also include, image, video and other types of searches.

Xenotic incorporates keywords into the website’s coding that easily attract search engine spiders for improved search engine results. We can also setup paid adverts for various search engines, like the paid Adwords that Google offer.

Social Media Setup/Integration & Follow UP

Social Media setup involves creating social media pages, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or LinkedIn Pages and linking them to the businesses webpage.
Social Media Integration is the process by which your social media accounts will have a clear presence on your website and will fully incorporates withsocial media features. Websites could carry over news feeds and live updates from various social media and display them throughout the webpages.
We take it seriously to fully support your social media platforms and provide the continuous updating of your business information, activities or events on social media platforms.

Online advertising
Online advertising is an effective way for businesses or companies to market and spread the word for their products and services is online advertising. Banner ads placed on third party websites, social media advertising, online classified ads are all part of online advertising.

Xenotic has partnered with four of the most powerful advertising local web platforms to provide its customers with the best possible means of online advertising. Online adverts value varies depending on the size of advert and their position on the webpage.

E-Mail Marketing
Email marketing is the use of purposeful email messages directed towards a group of people. In the case of businesses, these messages could be directed towards past, current or potential customers. These messages could include ads, offers, or product announcements.

Incorporated in our CMS, is a newsletter module built specifically for the purpose of email marketing. The module allows the addition of new email addresses, customizing emails messages and a history of sent messages.


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