Mobile Websites

“Attract potential users and markets and enhance your company profile”

Mobile internet browsing has grown immensely in recent years and now owns a big piece of the worldwide browsing pie. People are more on the move and thus need to be permanently connected to their information sources on the go. A major issue facing this type of browsing lies in the fact that, websites are widely designed to fit large screen monitors, mainly used either in desktops or laptops.
A mobile website is the solution for the for deprived user experience that comes with the limitations of a smaller screen device. No more need for panning to the right or left or pinching to zoom and view the website’s content. The website would be designed to fit the resolution standards of the mobile screens of today. Text, pictures, and animations are designed to match the exact screen resolutions of mobile phones eliminating the need for the frustrating zoom practice. Since mobile websites are rendered independent of the hardware system being ran on, all mobile websites will be displayed in the same manner on different devices.  At Xenotic we make sure that our mobile websites run on all desktop and mobile devices.

Mobile sites are best used for:

  • Accessing information on the move, quick access to information sources.
  • Finding places with location services
  • Ticketing and booking of venues and events
  • Contacting Forms
  • Browsing through directories and classifieds, to find contacts and businesses

Mobile Applications

Applications have become the buzz word amongst smartphone users nowadays. The rapid technological advancements in smartphone hardware and software have eased the creation of platform dependent mobile applications capable of performing unlimited tasks. Whether it is running on Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS, or Blackberry’s Os, Xenotic has the expertise to design and create high-end applications with unique and stunning designs, which can be navigated easily and provide the optimal app experience on all platforms.

Depending on the business model your app follows, it could a revenue generating app. A free promotional one for advertising purposes and to create market awareness, or it can apply a micro transaction model where the application is downloaded for free but users have to pay small fees for in app purchases.

Apps can be exciting, valuable, marketing tools and can enable you to promote your business, sell your goods and services and manage your online content.

Our expertise covers the following application domains:

  • A mini or full game as a promo for your business
  • An informative app directly linked to your website to relay information from it
  • An app allowing you to display your company products interactively
  • Apps designed to make use of the phone features like the camera, calendar and more


Bulk SMS Service

As a leading bulk SMS services provider, Xenotic offers a simple, reliable, and effective SMS system. Our messaging solutions enable individuals and business alike to communicate with their friends, family, clients and various communities in a quick and personal manner. Bulk SMS is a major player in the marketing mix. It is aimed at communicating a clear advertising message and deliver promotional campaigns to the targeted masses effectively and efficiently.

Our global SMS gateways provide efficient and secure connections with ease of configuration and link up with Alfa and Touch gateways through direct SMPP connection.



  •  Save at least 50% on your SMS bill with our competitive rates.
  •  Send messages to a massive number of people with a single click of a button
  •  Import contact lists and organize them in groups.
  •  Send personal messages, advertisements and greetings using a personal ID.
  •  Easy to comprehend and use configuration system.
  •  Target untapped potential markets and expose your business to new customers.
  •  Keep loyal and current customers updated with company news, events and offers.
  •  Guaranteed SMS delivery to targeted communities

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